icon-link STEP 3: Setup Your Sales Page

An easy automated sales page makes getting started a breeze.

Just fill in the form and your Sales Pages is ready cloaked with your affiliate code to start making your first sale online.

Just share and post to Facebook "Wassup in your Town" and to relevant FB Groups in your area, and in no time your post will go viral with Free Traffic or do some paid advertising with FB adds.

After setting up your Sales Page we will guide you with best marketing strategies before launch day to make your launch as successful as possible.

Happy Selling.
MyMobi Team.

First Name

Last Name


Cellphone format +27820000000

Facebook ID

Twitter ID

Google ID

Linkedin ID

Skype ID

JV Link

Paypal Yearly $97 ID

Paypal Yearly Rep $47 ID

Paypal Yearly Pro $197 ID

You need the following to setup your JV Sales Page

  • Avatar - Image of Yourself
  • Facebook ID - How To? or JOIN NOW!
  • Twitter ID - How To? or JOIN NOW!
  • Google ID - How To? or JOIN NOW!
  • Linkedin ID - How To? or JOIN NOW!
  • Skype ID - How To? or JOIN NOW!
  • Paypal Buy Buttons - Will Be Emailed To You
  • Paypal Account - To Receive Your Commission